‘Sounds Like Love’: Re-Vitalising Homosocial Bonds And Self Love

Sounds Like Love (2021) is an underrated Spanish movie by the well-known director Juana Macias Alba. It’s based mostly on the e book Songs and Recollections by Elisabet Benavent. Although the movie distributed by Netflix is categorised as a rom-com it struggles finest to de-tag itself largely by its inside monologue narrative type and storyline.

The principle plot of Sounds Like Love is nothing however the stereotypical line depicting the years-long wrestle of the central character, 29 years previous Maca to neglect her ex-boyfriend Leo. However, on this course of, it locations a lot on the plate, particularly about homosocial bonds and self-love.

Sounds Like Love’ and therapeutics of homosocial bonds

The protagonist Maca is a vogue assistant who has misplaced all of her confidence and willpower owing to a nasty breakup. It lets her quit her regulation research and stay stagnant in her occupation with none progress. This makes her put up together with her oppressive boss Pipa. Adrian and Jimena her childhood besties realise this and speak her out of it many instances.

Often all through Sounds Like Love, they exhibit how they bond and mutually heal one another like when Maca is disturbed by the arrival of Leo again in Madrid. They take her out and assist her by spending time together with her. The effectiveness of this soul connection is realised when Maca takes revenge on Leo by making a riot in his Literature class. Likewise, Maca and Adrian discover each potential logical answer for Jimena to bid farewell to Santi, her long-dead boyfriend.

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And when Adrian is afraid to take the very subsequent step to her final happiness and reality in life she too is emotionally supported and inspired by them in realising and embracing her lesbian identification. Raquel social media influencer and pal of Maca is one other instance of an exemplary feminine bonding.

She helps Maca to rescue herself from the oppressive crutches of Pipa to discover a fulfilling profession although Raquel is courting Maca’s ex-boyfriend. These and the scene on the tattoo store reveal how homosocial bonding might help to tame one’s internal demons and realise one’s deepest needs and desires.

Casting away male-centred romance

The narrative outrightly rejects the concept of stereotypical relationships that are largely centred round one of many companions, particularly males. Maca was in a completely bloomed relationship with Leo and after this she doesn’t enable any males to take management of her, seen in her informal sexual relationship with Coque.

However, she continues to really feel the identical previous love upon Leo’s arrival to the city after a few years. On the similar time, her reasoning capability doesn’t enable her to proceed the romance, as indicated by the crappy choice field showing often in Sounds Like Love.

The inside monologue method used steadily connotes an identical course of which may be skilled by anybody in her sneakers. It seems as a warning to reject self-gaslighting and repeating the cycle of occasions. Within the scene the place Leo involves apologise to her, she discusses the rain impact by filmmakers to reunite the lovers. Nonetheless, she does fall for him once more stunning the viewers, but embraces her profession selections above her life with Leo. Due to this fact, she gives him a second alternative to maneuver together with her to Paris which Leo can not think about as a result of he loves himself extra.

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This shreds away her love and shortly she flies to her dream. Equally, for Jimena who fell for Santi in her younger days, it’s actually exhausting to bid him farewell after his premature loss of life. It urges her to search for Santi in each man that she meets and proceed her lengthy search. Jimena additionally makes use of black magic, believing that she might reincarnate him.

In the end, she casts away the spell of Santi herself when studying concerning the honest makes an attempt by her associates to rescue her utilizing Jorge, a employed actor. Therefore, she accepts the truth and goes again to her newfound love Samuel, realising that one can not cross the identical river twice. Raquel additionally doesn’t complicate issues between Leo and Maca, contemplating them as separate people and retains up her dignity within the matter. 

Recognition of found identification 

It appears that evidently, although at instances we realise our true selves, we proceed to disown them and settle for solely those that fall inside the societal norms. It occurs for Adrian as a spouse married to probably the most great individual Julian as she mentions. However all her love for him doesn’t result in a happy life with him. Due to this fact, her tryst with a number of options results in her discovery of her lesbian identification. She finds happiness and far more that she missed all of the whereas.

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However Adrian solely turns into extra afraid to reveal this to any, even to her besties. Furthermore, she turns into terribly fearful of desirous to stay alone, handle her funds and face society and her associates. These may need precipitated her to think about her faux married life and parenthood with Julian. However the well timed intrusion by Maca and Jimena conjures up her to take the daring step and stay true to herself.   

Self-love in ‘Sounds Like Love’

Self-love is a much-needed high quality important to steer a contented and comfy life but the unchecked charges of its growth can result in narcissism and hatred. Pipa, the social media influencer and boss to Maca is a selected instance of this. Maca just isn’t solely paid poorly but additionally handled like trash. Even the years of working for Pipa don’t assist her to construct a robust bond with Maca, although she may be very honest. Pipa’s callous angle burns out Maca.

Pipa turns into a consultant of the numerous social influencers round us who select to stay solely of their social networks, faking her character and life alike. She urges Maca to put on excessive heels to her events which Maca just isn’t keen on. It symbolises her fakeness to construct on the picture which she by no means had for herself.

Even within the flight scene when Pipa believes that she would possibly die she chooses to publish a video to her followers urging them to development her. Thus, she turns into a direct image carrying the extremism of self-love and the way it can affect one’s psyche.

All this whereas when Maca works with Pipa, she understands her personal insecurity and self-love. However, additionally concurrently understanding the formation of a narcissist out of this. Maca learns and understands herself, her lack and the necessity to change via her homosocial bonds. Due to this fact, her second non-acceptance with Leo doesn’t even as soon as shut her lids. She learns the necessity to absorb solely those that lengthy to be hers. She right away strikes to construct herself within the new land with no acquittance in any respect.

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Right here, she is that lady who is able to tightly embrace herself and discover happiness in herself quite than run away from challenges in her means. Thus, she boldly stitches a brand new nest in an alien land and proudly owns all of it. She turns into the empowered lady together with her feminine help system again in Madrid, even her distancing doesn’t pressure their friendship as a result of Adrian and Jimena need solely the perfect for her. The ultimate scene the place she enjoys courting herself within the Paris open house in crimson is that masterpiece in Sounds Like Love that doubtlessly influences all. 

Sounds Like Love is a must-watch for all girls on the market who discover it exhausting to say no to their tangled love tales and people who have forgotten to like themselves earlier than anyone else. This movie helps us to re-learn our want for self-love to steer a contented and happy life as a result of it builds us the concept of selfhood and objectives to drive us on.