The trans motion is a lie

I spoke at Let Ladies Communicate Austin, organized by Michelle Evans, on Saturday, August 12, 2023. Our mics and megaphone had been drowned out by trans activist chants, together with “Trans rights our human rights” and “TERFs go dwelling” all through, however the occasion was effectively attended

I’m ever grateful for all of the work Michelle did to prepare and fundraise to make sure this occasion went on, regardless of predictable makes an attempt to close us down, in addition to to all the ladies — lots of whom traveled from out of state — who attended and spoke. As ladies have been bullied, censored, silenced, and threatened with the intention to maintain them out of public conversations about gender id ideology, it’s ever vital we proceed to power ourselves into the dialog, and refuse to be pushed out.


Thanks everybody for popping out in the present day.

My title is Meghan Murphy, and I’m going to let you know the reality. I’m going to let you know the reality about this motion – the transgender motion. About what it’s and what it isn’t.

This isn’t a human rights motion. It isn’t about defending a marginalized inhabitants of individuals. It isn’t about letting individuals be themselves. It isn’t about breaking the “gender binary.” That is definitely not about defending children. It’s not about “letting individuals pee.”

What the trans motion is is a misogynistic motion began by males who consider ladies are nothing greater than a group of elements and stereotypes. That girls are nothing greater than objects for his or her taking. Nothing greater than a sexualized thought – a fetish.

This isn’t a grassroots motion. This can be a company endeavour, began by rich males invested in Massive Pharma and biotech and their very own narcissistic fantasies. It’s a motion that tells children that in the event that they don’t match into inflexible gender stereotypes their our bodies are “improper” and have to be “fastened” by medical interventions that render them sterile and depart their our bodies completely mutilated, with a bunch of well being issues — medicalized for all times. It’s a motion that tells ladies they have to sit down and shut up, even when they’re at risk, even when they see children at risk, even they’re subjected to verbal abuse or threats, even when their rights are in jeopardy, even when they know they’re being lied to.

It’s a motion that claims the reality is hate.

This isn’t a feminist motion. This isn’t about inclusion or love. That is an anti-woman hate motion that’s destroying children lives and the entire sex-based rights numerous ladies have fought for for effectively over a century.

This motion, supported by highly effective establishments and NGOs the world over, by Massive Media, Massive Tech, and Massive Pharma, claims to need to defend the marginalized from “hate” and “violence,” but its activists — its foot troopers —  use threats, hate, silencing, censorship, bullying, violence, and verbal abuse as their major techniques. This motion claims “trans ladies are ladies,” however has dissolved the phrase lady into nothingness.

“What’s a girl?” is now a controversial query to ask, for the primary time in historical past.

This motion is a canopy for predatorial males who at the moment are being housed in ladies’s prisons as it’s their “proper” beneath gender id legal guidelines embraced by liberal governments that declare to be feminist, it’s a cowl for predatorial males who need entry to ladies and women’ change rooms. And these males are being protected by our flesh pressers, by journalists whose job it’s to report the information, by human rights organizations just like the UN and the Human Rights Marketing campaign, by the ACLU (which is supposed to defend American Civil liberties, like free speech, to not defend males’s proper to silence ladies who refuse to signal on to their faith or to validate their sexual fetishes), even by ladies who declare to be feminists, who’ve offered out within the worst manner potential, and are standing by — cheering even — as ladies lose every little thing.

This can be a motion that’s destroying our sense of actuality, our language, and our means to talk the reality. This can be a motion that destroys every little thing it touches – that destroys the very foundations of nature and humanity and democracy. This motion is a lie.

Ladies are grownup human females. Males are grownup human males. A mom is a girl and solely a girl. A father is a person and solely a person. A woman can like sports activities and have quick hair and like taking part in with vehicles and she or he’s nonetheless a lady. A boy can put on pink and have lengthy hair and play with dolls and he’s nonetheless a boy. Solely females give delivery. Solely males have penises. There is no such thing as a “her cock,” Bill Maher. And don’t let anybody power you to say there may be.

Don’t let anybody let you know that what I’m saying is “hate speech.” And don’t let anybody let you know that girls talking publicly about their rights and about actuality is harmful, violent, or some sort of hate crime.

We dwell in a democratic, free society. We’ve the correct to free speech. We’re half of the inhabitants, and we won’t be erased, and we won’t stay silent whereas every little thing we all know to be true and every little thing that has been fought for is misplaced.